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Camera Inspection System

We provide a software toolkit with industrial grade cameras that can be integrated into assembly lines. The Camera and Software Setup is able to learn and detect multiple defects using state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing Models.

Some common applications for Camera Inspection System are

Automotive manufacturing
  • Guiding assembly or welding robots
  • Verifying orientation of parts
  • Counting the number of welds
  • Checking for surface defects prior to painting
  • Verifying the shape and position of connector pins
  • Inspection of LED screens
  • Inspection of elements on PCB Boards
  • Parts selection and orientation for robotic pick & place systems
  • Checking for solder connection issues or other conditions
  • General inspection of manufactured components
Food and Packaging
  • Detecting the presence of tamper-proof safety seals
  • Cap presence and positioning, fill level detection in packaged Bottles, seal presence and integrity.
  • General Manufacturing

    Verifying the correct part orientation for automated assembly operations

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