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Machine Vision

Machine Vision is an industrial application of Image Processing System. Also known as Computer Vision, this is a rapidly growing class of systems that can perform a wide range of tasks that are dependent on any kind of visual cues that can be detected with a camera.

The term Machine Vision is closely linked to other disciplines which are leading the way for technology in 21st century, namely Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine Vision systems are also often called AI systems. The recent developments in Computer Hardware has also further enabled growth in Machine Vision by making efficient hardware available at accommodating prices.

Application of Machine Vision:

MV can be used to optimize and automate any process on assembly line in that is dependent on visual inspection. It can also be used in other settings and environments where image based cues can aid in process triggers.

  1. Quality Assessment of Products
  2. Defect Checking on Products and Components
  3. Performing Final Inspection on Assembly Line
  4. Label Checking and Placement Monitoring
  5. Checking products for orientation
  6. Packaging Inspection
  7. Verification of Engineering Specifications
  8. Safety Compliance Monitoring in workspaces
  9. Real Time Monitoring of Security Systems

Customized Machine Vision Solutions

Niche Tech Solutions has a dedicated team of Industrial Machine Vision Experts. We have experience of working with some of the largest Indian Brands. We also have an eye for industry-centric design and development of robust systems. Drop us a note at info@ntspl.in

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