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What we do

1. Complaint Management System :

NTS has worked with many township maintenance department to provide automated complaint management system using IVR technology. With its experience of long years to design, develop and implement automated Complaint management system, it has a robust IVR platform to customise complaint management system for any kind of industry or organisation.

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2. Hosted IVRS (Interactive Voice Response Systems) :

Hosted IVR is a cloud-based interactive voice response system for servicing your customers. It is hosted and managed by us and it seamlessly integrates to your existing contact center operations. The IVR will not behave or feel any different than a solution you would implement on-premise.

Customers calling into the system will not hear any difference. In fact, because of the features and capabilities of our purpose-built platform and extensive experience of our dedicated IVR development team, the overall customer experience will probably be better.

The true power of Hosted IVR is in ease of integration with external data sources such as databases and CRM systems. Whereas integration between proprietary on-premise IVR systems can be difficult and cumbersome to orchestrate, the NTS hosted IVR platform can easily tap into any data source to pull and push data. This allows the NTS Hosted IVR solution to query and update the information in real-time to better service the callers.

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3. Customised IVR Development :

With over 12 years of experience in custom development and onsite execution of IVR Systems, we are confident in taking up any challenging Project in India and abroad. Our Clients include Global Brands, MNCs, PSUs and SMEs.

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4. Cloud Telephony :

Building up your own Telephony infrastructure could be a very big challenge, and you actually dont need to! NTS has not only built up state of art Telephony Infrastructure but also invested a lot of efforts in developing a user friendly PaaS (Platform as a Service).

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5. Industrial Application :

Industrial Application Content

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6. Machine Vision :

Machine Vision Content

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