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Why Machine Vision

It has been proven well that machines performs the given task more reliably than human.

Machines do not get tired, machines do not suffer from lack of attention or get distracted. Machines performs through out the day with same consistency, efficiency unlike human which may tire out in the afternoon while looking fresh in the morning.

In any process, there is requirement “visual inspection” of a semi finished product or a finished product. Before invention of “Machine Vision” or reliable industrial camera, this kind of visual inspection belonged to exclusive domain of human eye inspection.

But with advent of “computer vision” or “machine vision”, visual inspection is slowly taking over manual human inspection.

Inspection by Computer Vision offers all the benefits as well as advantages that a machine offers to mankind. It offers more consistency, efficiency and better performance.

There could be some processes like steel industry where steels ars are made at very high temperature. So it may not be possible for human to inspect visually for safety concerns as well as lack of technology. Machine Vision can do the visual inspection in such scenario.

Since human intervention is eliminated, so is the human error. Most Computer Vision Systems use deep learning, so its accuracy will go up over time. SO, it gets better and better.

So, Machine Visions System for doing visual inspection of products like PCB, or any items, does not only reduce cost, it also increases efficiency, consistency and accuracy.