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Hosted IVR Solutions

Telephone response Systems built to benefit you & your customers

NTS is one of the pioneer company to setup hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services. We offer robust IVR infrastructure and expertise to host any kind of IVR Application. This is backed up by our team of IVR developers & 24 X 7 support.

We also offer some ready to use Hosted IVR Applications (SaaS – Software as a Service) which are very popular and in demand for your daily business needs.

Complaint Management System or Support Ticket Management System

Are you manually logging the complaints or requests from your customers and spending lot of time in managing the support staff, distributing complaints, sending feedback to customers?

Let our IVR based Complaint Management System do it for you!

Highly customisable as per the nature of Complaints you receive, auto or admin monitored assignment, auto escalation rules, SMS & Email Alerts, Web Panel for various stake holders to manage complaints & see extensive Reporting.

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Call Tracker

takes the guess work out of Advertising, by tracking the Phone call that results from Print and web campaigns. You make informed decision while planning advertising campaigns & also measure precise ROI.

We do this by assigning a Unique Phone Number to each of your Marketing pieces allowing you to measure which ads are delivering the response in terms of Phone Calls, that you care about.

Its commonly used by advertising, marketing and media professionals to measure the effectiveness of any marketing activity that generates calls, including TV, radio and press, Direct mail and emails, Total web generated calls.

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Security Guard Alert Solution

Are you worried about non vigilant Security Guards in night? Why not keep them awake and alert all night by sending automated Phone Calls periodically?

Just upload the List of Guards with Phone Numbers & decide the Call pattern, you are good to go in few minutes! Completely automated, comprehensive visual reporting for analysis and very cost effective hosted solution.

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Virtual Receptionist

Greet your Callers professionally with Voice Response & route your Calls automatically to suitable number.

Never miss a Call because you have a Record of every call (lead) your business receives and your Phone still responds when you are sleeping.

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These are just few of our Hosted IVR Solutions, we also offer exciting Apps like IVR Recuruitment, IVR Polls & Surveys, Self service Voice Portals, customised IVR Apps. Do get in touch to talk about it more.