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Complaint Management System

NTS has worked with many township maintenance department to provide automated complaint management system using IVR technology. With its experience of long years to design, develop and implement automated Complaint management system, it has a robust IVR platform to customise complaint management system for any kind of industry or organisation.

NTS complaint management system provides a dedicated phone number with PRI line where 30 people could simultaneously and lodge complaint by speaking. The message file will be recorded and stored and caller will be given a complaint ID number. Caller can call back again and using this Complaint ID number, he could check status of her complaint in the IVR.

caller can also choose various options using DTMF keypress to lodge different type of complaints.

Human agents now logs in to web based Complaint Management System, which is part of the NTS Complaint Management System and can view lodged complaints. As soon as he gets alert for new incoming complaints, he listens to the recorded complaint, assign it to relevant department/personal to rectify or attend to it.

The technician then receives complaint details on SMS/Email and visit the site to attend the complaint. When he resolve the complaint, he can call up IVR and change the complaint status to resolved.

It provides extensive reporting about complaints lodged, time taken to rectify, call records etc.

Time for resolving any complaint can go down by 50%. Pictorial reporting is now available and monitoring of efficiency of technicians can become transparent.

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